Marketing Planning & Brand Strategy

Want to start marketing your business but don’t know where to start? Not sure exactly what a brand strategy is or how to build one? Have a great idea but aren’t sure how to execute it? You need a marketing plan and I can help.

With so many marketing options available it can be tough to decide on traditional vs. non-traditional, print vs. online, TV vs. radio, Facebook vs. Instagram. The list goes on and on. This is where my years of expertise can be put to good use for you as I develop a targeted plan for your business that stays on budget and generates results.

Content Development & Writing

Content is king. This is how businesses & brands connect with their customers and engage with them. And if you aren’t creating and sharing content of value to your target audience you can bet that opportunity for connection is getting lost.

Whether it’s curating great content for your social media channels, crafting that all-important subject line for your next email blast, developing copy for your website or writing a blog a post – I can help ensure your brand message is clear, concise and effective. And – most importantly – that it is being heard!

Social Media Strategy & Community Management

Once considered a small slice of a much larger pie, social media was often done off the side of the desk. No more. Social Media channels are arguably the most powerful marketing available to those that use them properly.

The potential for organic reach through social media is limitless for the company that knows how to use it to engage customers and encourages conversation. MKT Marketing can help your business with social media in several ways – from developing a strategy to make sure you are active on the right platforms to providing daily monitoring and content posting.

Online & Digital Marketing

No longer are digital channels the future of marketing…they ARE marketing. A business that hopes to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace needs a clear and concise online strategy that includes web, mobile, email and, of course, social media. The digital world can be a confusing one and I can help you navigate it with success.

And much, much more…